Who is repairing Challenge Business 45?

Brian Pogson, MD of Exeter Maritime Services, explains why repairing Challenge Business 45 is a viable proposition.

Exeter Maritime Services (EMS) is the current owner of Challenge Business 45.  But what are our credentials?

We're builders of aluminium ferries and workboats up to 38m in length and 8m beam and we offer a range of local maritime services.  We are also high quality steel fabricators. 

Watch this 40 sec video of Brian our MD talking about why repairing Challenge Business 45 is a viable proposition for us. 

Brian has boat building experience ranging from building survey vessels, wind farm support boats, pilot boats, boats with reinforced decks for mounted cranes, cargo boats, crew boats for the oil and gas industry, and ferries, right through to boats built to full Lloyds Register Classification.

Summary of what we do:

19m Aluminium ferry built for operation in Malta.

Boat building

We offer the full package from design through to build; compete globally and are recognized for the quality of our build.  We have recently built two 19m aluminium catamaran passenger ferries for Malta.   Our capability includes naval architects and designers, experienced LLOYDS coded welders, experienced shipwrights, outfitters, marine engineers and qualified trials skippers. 

Amphibious excavator

Maritime services

We offer local marine services including the hire of small commercial workboats, amphibious excavators, pontoons and gangways, and undertake piling and dredging.  

Installation of river clyst cycle bridge, devon

Installation of river clyst cycle bridge, devon



Steel Fabrication

We are accredited for CE marking structural steel and aluminium to EXC3 and are accredited as an ISO 9001 company.  We are recognised for our innovation and ingenuity in marine construction projects in Inland Waterways, Rivers, Estuaries, Harbours and Marinas.   We share premises with our sister company Exeter Fabrication Ltd, experts in structural steel.