Making the Decision to Save Challenge Business 45

Brian explains how inspection of the keel confirms damage is localised and Challenge Business 45 is repairable.

When she arrived in Exeter, Challenge Business 45 was lifted out of the water and brought into our workshop with a specially modified catamaran lifting platform to accommodate her huge keel.

Watch Brian describe how one of the first areas of particular interest to the MCA was the joint between the hull and the keel.

It was clear that there was no movement in the joint, and this confirmed to us that the damage was localised to the impact zone.  Being a steel vessel that makes her fully repairable; she’s not like a composite boat where fractures might splinter through her.  On a steel vessel you can very clearly see where the damage has been done.  We now knew what we had to do to repair her, and who we needed on board to help.  

Watch out for our next posts about who we are working with on the repair, and the full extent of her damage.

 Brian and the Exeter Maritime Crew