Working with the original Challenge Business team

We are working with as many of the original Challenge build team as possible to ensure a good-as-new repair, this includes:

Original Design Engineer

Jim Moore, of Jim Moore Designs, was the original design engineer for the Challenge Fleet.  He took the Rob Humphreys hull shape, the Bureau Veritas approved structures, the Builders (Devonport Yachts) production ideas and translated them into computer files (CNC data) which allow the laser cutting of steel and so produce the complex building kit.

Jim has supplied us with the nested information from the original cutting files for us to cut the new steel parts on our water jet table. 

Original Challenge Fleet Rigger

Neil Gledhill was the original Challenge Fleet Rigger and is owner of Hemisphere Rigging Services based in Plymouth.  Neil was responsible for the standing and running rigging, deck gear and systems primarily on the challenge 72 class yacht. This included supporting the race in 2004 / 2005 - won by BG Spirit (Challenge Business 45).


We are collaborating with Mecal, the MCA notifying authority, who are overseeing the repair work and who have been involved with the Challenge yachts from build.  Their role is to ensure that once repaired Challenge Business 45 is restored to MCA Category 0. This coding will give her the ability to sail commercially worldwide with charter guests aboard - the toughest category available and demands rigorous attention to structure and safety.

Throughout her repair we’ve been amazed at the high quality of the original steel and paint; she has no rust and no degradation.  We’re sure that it was this quality of build that minimised the damage to her when she fell.

Happy New Year!

Brian and the Exeter Maritime Crew