Built For The World’s Toughest Yacht Race

The Global Challenge was the ultimate sailing challenge for amateur sailors.  A round the world yacht race held every four years and run by Challenge Business, a company owned by Sir Chay Blyth.  The race took a fleet of matching steel yachts, crewed by ordinary men and women who paid to take part, around Cape Horn and through the Southern Ocean and was unique in that the race took the westabout route around the world against prevailing winds and currents - often referred to as the ‘wrong way’ route.

The route of the race covered a distance of some 29,000 nmi (54,000 km).

Winning Record

CHALLENGE BUSINESS 45 has an excellent race record, having completed two safe and successful round the world races: BT Global Challenge 2000/1 and the Global Challenge 2004/5.  She won the race in 2004/2005 (winning three of the seven legs) and is still the holder of the class record for the round the island race on the south coast.